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The Best SWTOR Tank Class for the Hardest Encounters
Star Wars the Old Republic is one of the few huge multiplayer online games to actually provide each and every class great deals of viable alternatives for play design. One dull of a lot of video games out there has been the truth they stick to the dull and over made use of rolls that the genre has actually set. A warrior is constantly expected to tank, a cleric is supposed to recover every time, and so on. Find more info on advanced warfare hacks here.

The classes in STWOR are in fact able to play 2-3 various roles all in addition to the other classes with the ability. This gives each player a possibility to play their favorite character type with the function they've in fact desired.
So instead of just 1 kind of class being an excellent tank, all classes that are able to tank are quite dang proficient at it. Each of these classes plays their part in different methods. Let's have a look at what makes each tank class unique...
Sith Assassin/Jedi Shadow
These SWTOR tanks aren't your typical tank class from other video games. When you play as the character leveling up, you would believe they are more DPS classes than anything.
Their tank style consists of escaping damage and evading the hits. This is different than many tank classes because they are expected to just be meat guards. These tanks also are able to do the most single target damage which is constantly good at the end of hard battles.
Sith Juggernaut/Jedi Guardian
These individuals are your normal tank develops. They are taking the damage and they like it. If you desire a class that plays like tanks of the past, this would be a great option. This tank class understands the best ways to take the punishment and is great for major encounters.
These tanks are among my favorite because of their different play style. This option provides you the opportunity to tank bad guys from a distance. Using varied weapons and abilities makes these 2 classes unlike anything we've seen in a huge several online game before.
This roll wants to wear heavy armor at all times and constantly is on the lookout for new technology to make their task much easier. These tanks are a one guy blockade that couple of enemies can surpass. The heavy armor, advanced defensive abilities, and hard hitting flamethrowers make this class exceptionally enjoyable to play.

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